Cooped Up

What better time to catch up on a blog than when you're cooped up indoors due to a tornado?  I should be downstairs in our garage but instead here I sit, drenched, listening to this cliche song and in the background i hear the golf-sized hail dinging off of car windshields.  I'm terrified of tornadoes, but really love the sound of rain.  It's the perfect soundtrack, don't you think? 


Tips for Choosing a Photographer

Most people judge a book by it's cover dont they?  I think we do the same thing with photographers.  We go to their websites and see what work they produce and that's how we wage if they measure up.  But, let me encourage you to look beyond just the images and into the relationship.

Make sure you "click" with your photographer.  I would say almost all of the people I work with are a little nervous at first.  We categorize this as camera shy.  And unless you are Giselle or Tyra, you are most likely in this category (myself hugely included).  This is why it's SO important to have a photographer who you can mesh with and can help to bring out the true you. Someone who can make you laugh and is patient in understanding that it may take you awhile to warm up. 

You really are paying for the personality of the photographer as well as the production of their work to some degree.  It's hard to be yourself if you don't feel 100% comfortable around the person holding a camera a few feet from your face! 

I remember, Miss Holly (pictured below) was a little nervous at first, but once we cut up and I told her how gorgeous she is and how she can work it (true statements), she began to let loose:

Or let's look at this shot... this sweet girl was just not so sure about the camera at first.  I remember she was more interested in the grass.  But as photographers, it's our job to grab their attention!  So I was saying "doop doop doop!"  and bouncing in a happy voice... (along with her aunt haha) and before you know it she was happy and giving her momma kisses. This also prove you can't have an ego and be a successful children's photographer!

So whether you are looking for some beautiful senior shots, someone to take pictures of your crazy kiddos, or getting married - pick someone who makes you feel at home.  Find someone who wants to bring out the beauty of you being YOU.


Calling All Seniors!


Alright, I am looking for my senior reps!  There are a few requirements that I want to get out of the way first, then we can do get to the fun part (the goodies you receive if you are my rep!)

-must live in the DFW area

-a personality that isn't camera shy

-willingness to "rep" - pass out your cards and spread word about Rachel Brooke Photography to your friends at school

-either a Junior Classmen or a current Senior - so class of 2011 or 2012 only



Now the fun part.... what you get back from me for being a rep in the area....

-$75 print credit for each person you refer, and they get a $50 print credit! :)

-a free 1-hour session with online gallery access featuring your retouched photos ($175 value)

-6-10 mini digital files loaded onto facebook to use as your profile picture

-digital online slideshow and hosted for 6 months!


This is an awesome opportunity and I always have SO much fun with my senior reps.  We will find some great locations, spunky props, and get to workin' it.  Email me at rachelbrooke@gmail.com with a quick shot of you and just a few lines about why you would want to be a rep!



A Time Machine

I've been wholled up here at my computer writing and editing photos for the past month or so...and so to keep me hearing human conversations (so I can refrain from talking to the animals), I have been playing lots of Felicity episodes in the background to keep me entertained.

There's an episode where Ben apologizes for leaving Felicity high and dry at the movie showing of an old film, and to make up for it, he goes and buys her a vintage reel to play the movie.  When he asks her what she thinks it is, she guesses the correct answer, but then he says "no, a time machine."  His way of righting the wrongs by recreating the same experience. 

This sweet gesture got me to thinking about time machines....and time....and how we can't always go back and right wrongs but we can change the patterns.  God gives us new mercies each day and we get to hold them dear and wipe the slate clean. 

Time is precious.  Time is fleeting.  I was 16 and confused yesterday, I'm 24 today.  It goes and goes and there is no stopping it.  So treasure what you have in this very moment.


**Some shots from a recent shoot in Austin, Tx with this lovely senior.  For more photos, check out my Facebook Rachel Brooke Photography Page!


Sara has a beautiful voice- check out her music HERE! :)


Happy, Merry, Jolly {Early} Christmas!

I have been designing quite a bit lately and decided to design a FREE Christmas Card for you all!  All you do is go to my facebook photography page (by clicking that link) and leave a comment under the picture then voila!  I'll send you the link to the free download.

It's also a great way to stay in touch with my recent work.  I still like to blog, but its easier and faster to just upload them to my facebook page.

...And stay tuned on here too- lots of great sessions to come!